Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lettuce Crochet!

The crocheting has become obsessive.  The good news? It is relatively quick which means I actually can finish a project before I get bored.  There have been loads of hats, booties animals and little booties being made.  Luckily, the last four months have been chock-full of friends and families having babies so everything is finding a good home.
I did feel like I was near getting in a rut so I decided to try something new.  A market bag!

About 5 dc in, I suspected I would never use it, but thought it was still cute. About  6 rows in (of about 35) I knew I was going to go bonkers with the repetition, but I also knew I would be done that night and could suffer through.

The yarn is Sugar 'n Cream in the Lime Stripes colorway.  I am a sucker for this yarn--it is inexpensive and I can buy it locally.  This is my first time using the stripes--admittedly, it is more appropriate for a more "solid" project like a scarf--and I think that next time I will look for one that uses completely different colors so it doesn't seen like plain-old variegated  yarn.  But I was pretty excited  that each color was equal to one round.  Good planning on my part (as if)!  Before I stretched it a bit, it was all curly and looked like a pile of lettuce.

In case you are curious, I started with this pattern.  But then when I got to round 6 I did not read carefully and just repeated round 5 about 18 times or so, after which I realized my mistake and just decided to wing it from there!

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