Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pretty Maids all in a Row

All of that pretty, "pool-colored" yarn I posted about 2 months ago has turned into this:

Eleven, lovely, crocheted clutches!  My good friend, Kate is getting married today and her bridesmaids and other special women at the wedding will be getting these. Aren't they lucky?? ;)

I found the pattern for the Granny Stripe Boutique Bag at Tangled Happy.  This was Sara's first pattern, isn't it great?  She is always finding the best crochet projects on the web--if you need inspiration just go there!

Almost all of these were done with your basic Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn, one was done with some Lion Brand Cotton and two were done with Cotton Ease. Kate had given her bridesmaids some paint chips in various shades of blue, green and purple and gave them free reign to just find a dress that would match.  Isn't that brave? So I got a set of paint chips as well and got to search high and low for the perfect colors of yarn--such torture! I did come out on the other side realizing that there is a serious lack of teal yarn out there and lots of pink yarn.

I am so happy I was able to find the colors that I did.  And I'm glad I don't have to pick my favorite one!  Kate claimed the pretty seafoam one between the bright turquoise and purple ones (upper right).

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  1. lucky me got one of these. so cute and i love it.
    thanks megan for being such a grand all of us.