Friday, March 11, 2011

Always have Enough Yarn when you start...

I know I need to buy enough yarn for my projects.  There are friendly signs in yarn shops, it says so on the labels of even the cheapest of yarns.  The problem is, I'm not always buying yarn with a certain project in mind.  That rarely happens...because what fun is that??

Recently I was loading up on GOBS of 100% cotton yarn in blues and greens for a very special project. There was a great sale online that I took advantage of and a recent trip to Wenatchee (where they have Craft Warehouse) on the 3-day weekend has the cupboard bustin'.  I picked up some pretty teal yarn that was on clearance for $2.99, not thinking it was right for the project but because it was so shiny and cheap!  Once I was home I came across this pattern (sorry, you'll need to log in to and knew just what yarn I would be using. It was going super-quick...and then the yarn ran out.

I knew it would...just not so soon.  Luckily, my dad saved the day and picked up more yarn! (Sadly, it wasn't until I was double what you see here that I realized I picked it up and started going the wrong direction.  So it is on the back burner while it thinks about what it has done).

It is completely ridiculous that I allowed this to happen.  You would think after my stocking drama a few months back I would have learned my lesson.

Back when I was a knitter (4-5 years ago?) I bought a bunch of chunky, wool yarn to knit and felt stockings for the (then) three of us.  I never got around to it and this fall I thought it would be the perfect project for crochet.  I found this pattern and got to work!  And promptly ran out of green.  I had 1/2 of what I needed.  The shop I bought it from was closed, but it is a pretty common yarn so I ordered some from Paradise Fibers. I had it in my head that it was "Christmas Green" so that is what I ordered.  Either I was wrong of this is the most inconsistent dye ever. I had no other option but to way over-think it and make 4 different hexagons.

BUT I got it done and sometimes that is what counts.  It is HUGE so I think I may felt it still.  I am waiting to finish Owen's (that is a post in itself...I wanted to do a snowflake in his hexagons and ended up hunting down a Vanna White afghan book for a pattern) before I decide for sure.

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