Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Very Special Project

I love making things for people.  Usually, those people are very small and indifferent but they have appreciative parents that make it worthwhile.  With few exceptions, the crocheting I have done has been for babies.  But this project is for a big girl, a very dear friend.  I don't want to reveal it until it is completely done, but it has everything to do with this:

Gobs and gobs of  Sugar'n Cream, 100% Cotton with some Cotton Ease that might make the cut.  I've got this lovely palette of bright "pool colors" (that is what I am calling them) to work with and am only a little sad that I have not found more colors that will work.  Not all of these are right--there is a light blue that is too muted, along with a few others and I only need one ball of that chartreuse.  But it all looks so happy in this box!

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